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page_white_acrobat From the Blockchain to Logic Programming and Back: Research Perspectives (paper in proceedings, 2018) — Giovanni Ciatto, Roberta Calegari, Stefano Mariani, Enrico Denti, Andrea Omicini
page_white_acrobat ASENSIS 2012 – First International Workshop on Adaptive Service Ecosystems: Nature and Socially Inspired Solutions (paper in proceedings, 2012) — José Luis Fernandez-Marquez, Sara Montagna, Andrea Omicini, Franco Zambonelli
page_white_acrobat Simulation and Analysis of Distributed Systems in Klaim (paper in proceedings, 2010) — Francesco Calzolai, Michele Loreti
page_white_acrobat CTG: A connectivity trace generator for testing the performance of opportunistic mobile systems (paper in proceedings, 2007) — Roberta Calegari, Mirco Musolesi, Franco Raimondi, Cecilia Mascolo
page_white_acrobat Sistemi Distribuiti (book, 2007) — Andrew S. Tanenbaum, Marteen van Steen
page_white_acrobat Distributed Systems. Principles and Paradigms (book, 2007) — Andrew S. Tanenbaum, Marteen van Steen
page_white_acrobat On Coordination and its Significance to Distributed and Multi-Agent Systems (article in journal, 2006) — Sascha Ossowski, Ronaldo Menezes
page_white_acrobat On the Semantics of Coordination Models for Distributed Systems: The LogOp Case Study (paper in proceedings, 2004) — Ronaldo Menezes, Andrea Omicini, Mirko Viroli
page_white_acrobat Process Migration (article in journal, 2000) — Dejan S. Milojicic, Fred Douglis, Yves Paindaveine, Richard Wheeler, Songnian Zhou
page_white_acrobat Understanding Code Mobility (article in journal, 1998) — Alfonso Fuggetta, Gian Pietro Picco, Giovanni Vigna
page_white_acrobat Scale in Distributed Systems (book chapter, 1994) — B. Clifford Neuman
page_white_acrobat Foundations of Knowledge for Distributed Systems (technical report, 1985) — Michael J. Fisher, Neil Immerman
page_white_acrobat Time, Clocks, and the Ordering of Events in a Distributed System (article in journal, 1978) — Leslie Lamport

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