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8 publications
page_white_acrobat Handbook on Agent-Oriented Design Processes (edited volume, 2014) — Massimo Cossentino, Vincent Hilaire, Ambra Molesini, Valeria Seidita
page_white_acrobat Processes Engineering and AOSE (paper in proceedings, 2011) — Massimo Cossentino, Marie-Pierre Gleizes, Ambra Molesini, Andrea Omicini
page_white_acrobat Tool-Supported Development with Tropos: The Conference Management System Case Study (paper in proceedings, 2008) — Mirko Morandini, Duy Cu Nguyen, Anna Perini, Alberto Siena, Angelo Susi
page_white_acrobat Risk as Dependability Metrics for the Evaluation of Business Solutions: A Model-driven Approach (paper in proceedings, 2008) — Yudistira Asnar, Rocco Moretti, Maurizio Sebastianis, Nicola Zannone
page_white_acrobat Tropos at the Age of Eight: On-going Research at FBK, UniTN and UT (paper in proceedings, 2008) — Paolo Giorgini, John Mylopoulos, Loris Penserini, Anna Perini, Angelo Susi
page_white_acrobat Evaluating Procedural Alternatives. A Case Study in E-Voting (paper in proceedings, 2007) — Volha Bryl, Fabiano Dalpiaz, Roberta Ferrario, Andrea Mattioli, Adolfo Villafiorita
page_white_acrobat B-Tropos: Agent-oriented requirements engineering meets computational logic for declarative business process modeling and verification (paper in proceedings, 2007) — Volha Bryl, Paola Mello, Marco Montali, Paolo Torroni, Nicola Zannone
page_white_acrobat Supporting Requirements Analysis in Tropos: a Planning-Based Approach (paper in proceedings, 2007) — Volha Bryl, Paolo Giorgini, John Mylopoulos

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