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page_white_acrobat Implicit: A Multi-agent Recommendation System for Web Search (article in journal, 2012) — Aliaksandr Birukou, Enrico Blanzieri, Paolo Giorgini
page_white_acrobat Sustainable biomass power plant location in the Italian Emilia-Romagna region (article in journal, 2011) — Massimiliano Cattafi, Marco Gavanelli, Michela Milano, Paolo Cagnoli
page_white_acrobat Debt Deleveraging and Business Cycles. An Agent-Based Perspective (article in journal, 2011) — Marco Raberto, Andrea Teglio, Silvano Cincotti
page_white_acrobat Global Democracy: Normative and Empirical Perspectives (book, 2011) — Daniele Archibugi, Mathias Koenig-Archibugi, Raffaele Marchetti
page_white_acrobat Innovation and Economic Crisis. Lessons and Prospects from the Economic Downturn (book, 2011) — Daniele Archibugi, Andrea Filippetti
page_white_acrobat Logic-based decision support for strategic environmental assessment (article in journal, 2010) — Marco Gavanelli, Fabrizio Riguzzi, Michela Milano, Paolo Cagnoli
page_white_acrobat How has the 9/11 terrorist attack influenced decision making? (article in journal, 2003) — Katiuscia Sacco, Valentina Galletto, Enrico Blanzieri

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