journal : Artificial Intelligence

7 articles
page_white_acrobat On Agent-Based Software Engineering (article in journal, 2000) — Nicholas R. Jennings
page_white_acrobat Modelling Social Action for AI Agents (article in journal, 1998) — Cristiano Castelfranchi
page_white_acrobat Planning and acting in partially observable stochastic domains (article in journal, 1998) — Leslie Pack Kaelbling, Michael L. Littman, Anthony R. Cassandra
page_white_acrobat Computational Research on Interaction and Agency (article in journal, 1995) — Philip E. Agre
page_white_acrobat Agent-Oriented Programming (article in journal, 1993) — Yoav Shoham
page_white_acrobat Intelligence without Representation (article in journal, 1991) — Rodney A. Brooks

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