journal : ACM Computing Surveys

7 articles
page_white_acrobat Coordination of Autonomous Vehicles: Taxonomy and Survey (article in journal, 2022) — Stefano Mariani, Giacomo Cabri, Franco Zambonelli
page_white_acrobat A Survey of Methods for Explaining Black Box Models (article in journal, 2018) — Riccardo Guidotti, Anna Monreale, Salvatore Ruggieri, Franco Turini, Fosca Giannotti, Dino Pedreschi
page_white_acrobat One Step Forward: Linking Wireless Self-organizing Network Validation Techniques with Formal Testing Approaches (article in journal, 2011) — Aline Carneiro Viana, Stephane Maag, Fatiha Zaidi
page_white_acrobat Process Migration (article in journal, 2000) — Dejan S. Milojicic, Fred Douglis, Yves Paindaveine, Richard Wheeler, Songnian Zhou
page_white_acrobat Coordination Models and Languages as Software Integrators (article in journal, 1996) — Paolo Ciancarini
page_white_acrobat The Interdisciplinary Study of Coordination (article in journal, 1994) — Thomas W. Malone, Kevin Crowston
page_white_acrobat How to Write Parallel Programs: A Guide to the Perplexed (article in journal, 1989) — Nicholas Carriero, David Gelernter

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