Construenda est CArtAgO: Toward an Infrastructure for Artifacts in MAS

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Alessandro Ricci, Mirko Viroli, Andrea Omicini

Artifacts have been recently proposed as first-class abstractions to model and engineer general purpose computational environments for Multi-Agent Systems. In this paper, we first consider the role of infrastructures in supporting the artifact conceptual framework, discussing motivations and requirements, and then we propose an abstract model and architecture of a reference infrastructure for artifacts, here named CArtAgO.

Keywords: cartago, A&A, artifacts, multi-agent systems, agent-oriented computing
Cybernetics and Systems 2006, pages 569-574, 18-21 April 2006.
Robert Trappl (eds.), Austrian Society for Cybernetic Studies, Vienna, Austria
18th European Meeting on Cybernetics and Systems Research (EMCSR 2006), 5th International Symposium “From Agent Theory to Theory Implementation” (AT2AI-5). Proceedings
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