Co-Argumentation Artifact for Agent Societies

Enrico Oliva, Peter McBurney, Andrea Omicini

Argumentation in Multi-Agent Systems, cap. 3, pp. 31-46
Lecture Notes in Computer Science 4946, aprile 2008
Simon Parsons, Iyad Rahwan, Chris Reed (a cura di)
4th International Workshop (ArgMAS 2007), Honolulu, HI, USA, 15 May 2007. Revised Selected and Invited Papers

In a social context, people have only partial knowledge about the world and use arguments in order to solve problems, to reduce conflicts, or to exchange information.
Argumentation is a dialogic process, and could occur through direct interaction, or through supports of some sorts—like blackboards, or electronic fora. The same holds for intelligent agents in a multi-agent system (MAS); here, however, it is not clear what could act as a support for argumentation between agents, external to the agents themselves. To this end, this work exploits the agents and artifacts (A&A) meta-model for MAS, exploring the use of artifacts for agent argumentation within a MAS. Along this line, the first aim of this work is to design an argumentation component based on Dung’s preferred semantics, combining it with artifact abstraction in order to realise a social support for argumentation in MAS. Using argumentation within the A&A meta-model, we introduce here the notion of Co-Argumentation Artifact (CAA) as an artifact specialised in managing arguments and providing a coordination service for argumentation process in a MAS. In order to give concreteness to our proposal, we also discuss a first CAA deployment based on logic programming and tuple centres exploiting the TuCSoN infrastructure.

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