Multi-Agent Oriented Programming for Future Internet (MAOP4FI)

Multi-Agent Oriented Programming for Future Internet (MAOP4FI)

The objective of the MAOP4FI project is to work on Multi-Agent Oriented Programming as a paradigm for building complex software systems, in particular smart/intelligent decentralized systems.

This work is divided into two complementary parts: teaching, research.  Dealing with the teaching part of this project, the aim is to build and propose a comprehensive course on MAOP for the different courses given both in Italy/Cesena, France/Saint-Etienne and at the European Agent Systems Summer School (EASSS).

The integration of different programming dimensions of Multi-Agent Systems engineering (Agent, Interaction, Environment, Organisation dimensions) is a main result of the project, which has been used to structure the tutorial on Multi-Agent Programming run at the 2010 edition of the EASSS summer school (


  • (funding body): Région Rhones-Alpes - Programma C.MIRA - Cooperation Agreement for LLP/ERASMUS Activities
  • (project acronym): MAOP4FI
  • (project full title): Multi-Agent Oriented Programming for Future Internet
  • (years): 2009-2011


  • Alma Mater Studiorum—Università di Bologna (UNIBO)
  • Laboratoire G2I — Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Mines de SaintEtienne
    • Olivier Boissier
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