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6 talks  /  2008  /  Matteo Casadei

Matteo Casadei (Mirko Viroli, Matteo Casadei)
Applying Self-Organizing Coordination to Emergent Tuple Organization in Distributed Networks
Talk @ 2nd IEEE International Conference on Self-Adaptive and Self-Organizing Systems (SASO2008), 23/10/2008
Elena Nardini (Elena Nardini, Matteo Casadei, Andrea Omicini, Pietro Gaffuri)
A Conceptual Framework for Collaborative Learning Systems Based on Agent Technologies
Talk @ 2008 International Conference on the Interactive Computer Aided Learning (ICL 2008), 26/09/2008
Matteo Casadei (Matteo Casadei, Andrea Omicini)
Situating A&A ReSpecT for Pervasive Environment Applications
Talk @ CoMA 2008 @ WET ICE 2008, 24/06/2008
Matteo Casadei (Matteo Casadei, Mirko Viroli, Marco Santarelli)
Collective Sort and Emergent Patterns of Tuple Distribution in Grid-Like Networks
Talk @ CoMA 2008 @ WET ICE 2008, 24/06/2008
Matteo Casadei (Andrea Omicini, Matteo Casadei)
ReSpecT in the A&A Perspective
Internal Talk @ Weekly aliCE Meetings, 23/05/2008
Matteo Casadei (Mirko Viroli, Matteo Casadei)
Self-Organising Approaches to Coordination
Seminar @ Informatics System Design LS  - Second Faculty of Engineering at Università di Bologna (Cesena), 06/03/2008
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