courseProfessor macro

  • inline
    • yes
  • content
    • mandatory
      • “Course” reference
  • parameters
    • linked — professors are displayed with a link to their profile
      • admissible values: true ( true | yes | y | vero | v ) / false ( false | no | n | falso | no )
      • default: true 
    • output — the way in which names are going to be displayed
      • admissible values:  comma / list / lines / dash / bar 
        • comma displays a comma-separated list of names
        • list displays an actual list of names
        • lines displays names in different lines
        • dash displays a dashed list of name
        • bar displays a bar-separated list of names
      • default: comma 


{{courseProfessor}} Courses.Ise2122.WebHome {{/courseProfessor}}
{{courseProfessor linked=false}} Sd2122 {{/courseProfessor}}

Andrea Omicini

{{courseProfessor linked='yes'}} PsiLs0708 {{/courseProfessor}}
{{courseProfessor output='dash'}} PsiLs0708 {{/courseProfessor}}
{{courseProfessor output='list'}} PsiLs0708 {{/courseProfessor}}
{{courseProfessor output='list'}} SeDtm2122M1 {{/courseProfessor}}



Macro courseProfessor needs a “Course” document as its content


Macro courseProfessor needs a “Course” document as its content


Document “Courses.pippo” does not exist

{{courseProfessor}} Courses.pippo  {{/courseProfessor}}

Document “Courses.pippo” does not exist

{{courseProfessor}} Publications.2pktJelia2021 {{/courseProfessor}}

Document “Publications.2pktJelia2021” does not contain a “Course” object

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