WP4: Case Study

UNIBO will be the formal responsible of this WP, however in practice the three units will share the responsibility and they will equally take part of this phase.

Description This workpackage will investigate the adoption of the methodology and the infrastructure for the engineering of a case study chosen among application domains of other projects where the research units are involved. Among the possible application domains: logistics, e-learning, intelligent environments, telemedicine, ambient intelligent and virtual enterprises and distributed workflow management. The engineering of the case studies will stress the synergy between the methodological framework and the developed infrastructure.

Expected Results As a result of this activity, technical reports will be produced describing the engineering of the case studies, along with simple prototypes developed on top of the infrastructure(s).

Begin/End: month 10 - month 20

Deliverables: D4.1 Document describing the case study D4.2 Document(s) describing the analysis and design according to the methodological framework resulted from WP2 D4.3 Experimental prototypes on top of the infrastructure(s) and tools resulted from WP3

Tags: MEnSA
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