The objectives of IJAOSE are to establish a communication vehicle for researchers and practitioners to promote, publicise and exchange ideas relating to the interface between research and commercial adoption of agent technology within the software development community. A further objective is to bring together the two relevant communities of agent technologists and (traditional) software engineers. Although software engineering necessarily encompasses research and application, an individual paper in IJAOSE may address one or both of these aspects. If a proposal is purely theoretical, some application areas need to be indicated although empirical proof will not necessarily be required for publication in the journal.

Topics of Interest
  • Novel software engineering technologies based on software agents
  • Synergies between agent-oriented/object-oriented software engineering
  • Ontologies and agents
  • Agent-oriented requirements engineering, enterprise/business process modelling
  • Agent communication languages for business communication
  • Agent-oriented metamodelling/modelling design methods/modelling languages
  • Agents and MDA; architectures for agent-oriented/active information systems
  • Agents and knowledge management
  • Agent-oriented approaches to data integration
  • Agent-based workflow modelling
  • Agent orientation and e-services/web services/web information systems
  • Reuse, testing and quality issues
  • Formal methods and standardisation for AOSE
  • Software development environments and CASE tools for AOSE
  • Managing trust/reputation; adoption experiences - organisational/cultural impacts

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