Fundamenta Informaticae

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Annales Societatis Mathematicae Polonae Published under the Auspices of the European Association for Theoretical Computer Science, EATCS

Topics of Interest

Fundamenta Informaticae is an international journal publishing original research results in all areas of mathematical foundations of computer science and their applications. Papers are encouraged which contain:

  1. solutions, by mathematical methods, of problems emerging in computer science
  2. solutions of mathematical problems inspired by computer science
  3. application studies that follow the situations in 1 and 2.

Topics of interest include: theory of computing, complexity theory, design and analysis of algorithms, programming language theory, semantics and verification of programs, computer science logic, database theory, logic programming and automated deduction, formal languages and automata, concurrency and distributed computing, cryptography and security, theoretical issues in artificial intelligence, data mining and knowledge discovery, machine learning and pattern recognition, algorithmic game theory, theory of multi-agent systems, bioinformatics and computational biology, natural computing, neural networks, quantum computing, soft computing including fuzzy sets, rough sets and granular computing.

This list is not exclusive.

Articles & Issues  

Roberta Calegari, Enrico Denti, Agostino Dovier, Andrea Omicini
Extending Logic Programming with Labelled Variables: Model and Semantics
Fundamenta Informaticae 161(1-2), July 2018

Mirko Viroli, Andrea Omicini
Coordination as a Service
Fundamenta Informaticae 73(4), 2006

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