HIMAS 2020

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HIMAS 2020 - International Workshop on Healthcare Intelligent Multi-Agent Systems

The International Workshop on Healthcare Intelligent Multi-Agent Systems (HIMAS) 2020. Auckland, New Zealand. 9-13th May 2020.
  • The workshop will be run on May 8th, 2020 in Vritual Mode

Aims and scope of HIMAS

This HIMAS workshop will run as part of the [Nineteenth International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems] (AAMAS2020), as shown on list of accepted workshops.Submissions should concern the use of software agents (either bound to physical devices or not) in the healthcare context, e.g.: equipment and drug inventory management, patients clinical record and follow-up management, patient monitoring in hospital or at home, planning patient transportation and interventions, etc.In Greek Mythology, Himas is the father of Plouto and grandfather of Tantalus.

Topics of interest

  • Agent-based methods for medical image segmentation or classification
  • Agent-based decision support systems for disease diagnosis
  • Agent-based medical data processing, such as EMR management and exchange, healthcare data streams from Internet of Things, HIS interoperability and integration
  • Mobile agents in hospital environments
  • Patient empowerment and chronic disease self-management through personalized agent-based systems and models
  • Intelligent agents that provide autonomous and remote care delivery
  • Clinical agent-based decision support systems, including recommender systems
  • Conversational agents and personal digital assistants for patient empowerment
  • Intelligent agents delivering information about discovery, lookup, fruition of medical services
  • Intelligent agents for patient monitoring and assisting diagnosis
  • Agent-based information retrieval for gathering, aggregating, processing, and organizing various medical data available on Internet
  • Legal and ethical issues related to the use of software agents in health care
  • Surveys providing an up to date view of the state of the art in the area of agents in health care
  • Agent technology for preference learning as in the case of personal activity trainers
  • Agent technology for resource planning and task allocation in hospital environment

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