WASA 2020

10th Workshop on Applications of Software Agents

Novi Sad, Serbia, 24/07/2020 – 26/07/2020
co-located with IEEE INISTA 2020

<div>Software agent technologies reached a certain level of maturity that allows development of applications spanning from lab prototypes to mature real-life systems, in domains that could have not been imagined before. Furthermore, software agent technologies proved their usefulness in synergy with methods of intelligent computing and artificial intelligence.</div>

<div>The aim of the WASA series of workshops is to contribute to the advancement of technologies and applications of software agents' with a special interest in intelligent computing including, but not limited to reasoning, semantics, pattern recognition, learning and cognition, etc. See the Topics section for more information.</div>

Topics of Interest
  • e-business
  • social networks
  • e-learning
  • grid and cloud computing
  • gaming
  • smart environments
  • Internet of Things
  • e-health
  • multimedia
  • disaster and crisis management
  • risk analysis and mitigation
  • virtual organizations
  • simulation
  • energy conservation
  • sustainability and green computing
  • planning and decision making
  • traffic control
  • image and video understanding
  • manufacturing and industrial management
  • multi-agent machine learning, data and text mining and analytics
  • Architectural Design, Tooling & Applications of Hypermedia MAS
  • Autonomous Agents in Hypermedia MAS
  • Hybrid Communities (People & Autonomous Agents) in Hypermedia MAS

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