IEEE International Conference on Networking, Sensing and Control

Calabria, Italy, 16/05/2017 – 18/05/2017

While still in his infancy, the IoT domain already lists a number of solutions implemented, ranging from devices to platforms. However, the heterogeneity at all levels of those solution is preventing different solutions to interoperate effectively, despite a large number of efforts in the development of a unique reference standard for IoT systems technology. The situation is likely to worsen in the near future, as lack of interoperability causes major technological and business-oriented issues such as impossibility to plug non-interoperable IoT devices into heterogeneous IoT platforms, impossibility to develop IoT applications exploiting multiple platforms in homogeneous and/or cross domains, slowness of IoT technology introduction at large-scale, discouragement in adopting IoT technology, increase of costs, scarce reusability of technical solutions, security and privacy problems, user dissatisfaction.

This Special Session aims at investigating such lack of interoperability in the IoT realm by welcoming paper submissions providing innovative research as well as technical contributions on providing solutions to interoperability, integration, and interconnection of heterogeneous IoT systems, at any specific level (device, networking, middleware, application services, data and semantics) and at global platform level.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:
Interoperable and open IoT architectures
Service Virtualization in the IoT
Integration methods for heterogeneous IoT platforms
Interconnection of heterogeneous IoT devices
Enabling communication technologies (5G, SDN, Fog computing) for IoT interoperability
Software engineering for IoT systems development
Interoperable wearable devices and body area networks
Interoperable and open Big Data models for IoT
Matching non-interoperable IoT ontologies and semantics
Security, privacy and trust in IoT systems integration/interconnection
Standard interoperability mechanisms for the IoT
Interoperability use cases in IoT application domains (m-Health, transportation and logistics, smart factory, smart grid, smart home and buildings, smart cities, etc)

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