The Future of Democracy

Bologna, Italy, 03/11/2016

<p>The participation to political decision processes appears to be less and less appealing in the European Union, particularly among young people. Multiple reasons are contributing to such disaffection: lack of trust in institutions, unsatisfactory outcomes of elections, feeling of being unable to affect how the system works. A reduced participation may turn a democracy dysfunctional, and sometimes even dangerous.

The goal of the workshop is to start an activity on the topic of democracy and participation. Such initiative is by its nature multidisciplinary, involving mathematics (the methods proposed by Condorcet and successively improved and enriched), computer science (providing the enabling platforms), social psychology (fundamental in identifying factors influencing involvement and participation to the political life), and political science.</p>



The Future of Democracy

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FoD 2016

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FoD (1st, 2016)

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Bologna, Italy

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Andrea Omicini, Danilo Pianini, Pierluigi Contucci

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Danilo Pianini

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