IFIP Joint International Conference on Formal Techniques for Distributed Systems 2015

Grenoble, France, 02/06/2015 – 04/06/2015. Hosted by DisCoTec2015.


FORTE 2015 is a forum for fundamental research on theory, models, tools, and applications for distributed systems. The conference solicits original contributions that advance the science and technologies for distributed systems, with special interest in the areas of: service-oriented, ubiquitous, pervasive, grid, cloud, and mobile computing systems; object technology, modularity, component- and model-based design; software reliability, availability, and safety; security, privacy, and trust in distributed systems; adaptive distributed systems, self-stabilization; self-healing/organizing; verification, validation, formal analysis, and testing of the above. Contributions that combine theory and practice and that exploit formal methods and theoretical foundations to present novel solutions to problems arising from the development of distributed systems are encouraged. FORTE covers distributed computing models and formal specification, testing and verification methods. The application domains include all kinds of application-level distributed systems, telecommunication services, Internet, embedded and real-time systems, as well as networking and communication security and reliability.

Articles & Issues  

Ferruccio Damiani, Mirko Viroli, Danilo Pianini, Jacob Beal Code Mobility Meets Self-organisation: A Higher-Order Calculus of Computational Fields Formal Techniques for Distributed Objects, Components, and Systems, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 9039, 2015



IFIP Joint International Conference on Formal Techniques for Distributed Systems 2015

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Grenoble, France

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