EUMAS 2003


1st European Workshop on Multi-Agent Systems

Oxford, UK, 18/12/2003 – 19/12/2003

In the last 15 years we have seen a significant increase of interest in agent-oriented technology. This field is now set to become one of the key technologies in the 21st century and will underpin much of the next generation of computing that seeks to address issues in Ambient Intelligence, Pervasive Computing, Grid Computing, the Semantic Web, E-Commerce and many other areas. It is therefore crucial that both academics and industrialists within Europe have access to a forum at which current research and application issues are presented and discussed. The aim of this first European Workshop on Multi-Agent Systems is to encourage and support activity in the research and development of multi-agent systems, in academic and industrial European efforts.

Topics of Interest

Multi-agent systems are computational systems where agents cooperate or compete with others to achieve some individual or collective task and topics include:

  • Ambient Intelligence, Grid Computing, E-Commerce, Semantic Web,
  • Autonomy, Social Ability, Self-organisation, Cooperation, Competition,
  • Applications, Communication, Economic Models, Logical Models, Reactivity,
  • Proactivity, Negotiation, Argumentation, Emergence, Complexity, Tools, 
  • Standards, Methodologies, Applications, Coordination.

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EUMAS (1st, 2003)

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Oxford, UK

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Andrea Omicini, Paolo Torroni

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Alessandro Ricci, Andrea Omicini, Paolo Torroni

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