CUSO Seminar on Coordination Models

Fribourg, CH, 20/11/2014 – 21/11/2014

As the act of working together harmoniously, coordination is a concept that has been applied in many domains of computer science and management of interaction between humans and artefacts for oyer 20 years. In Computer Science, coordination theory, which was initially set up by T. Malone, has been an essential basis for conceptualizing distributed systems. With the development of methodologies like pervasive computing or CSCW which push the diversification of devices and situations where humans and machines may interact, this theory still appears as an interesting effort for understanding interaction and federating design methods in computer science. The goal of the seminar is to make a state-of-the-art of coordination models in the perspective of designing digital technology for the future.




CUSO Seminar on Coordination Models

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CM @ CUSO 2014

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CUSO Seminars (2014)

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Fribourg, CH

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Andrea Omicini, Visara Urovi

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