16th International Conference on Coordination Models and Languages

Berlin, Germany, 03/06/2014 – 06/06/2014.


COORDINATION 2014 is the premier forum for publishing research results and experience reports on software technologies for collaboration and coordination in concurrent, distributed, and complex systems. Its distinctive feature is its emphasis on high-level abstractions that capture interaction patterns manifest at all levels of the software architecture and extending into the realm of the end-user domain. COORDINATION 2014 seeks high-quality contributions on the usage, study, design, and implementation of languages, models, and techniques for coordination in distributed, concurrent, pervasive, and multicore software systems.

Topics of Interest

  • Programming abstractions and languages
  • Coordination models and paradigms
  • Applied software engineering principles
  • Specification and verification
  • Foundations and types
  • Distributed middleware architectures
  • Multicore programming
  • Collaborative adaptive systems
  • Coordination related use cases

Articles & Issues  

Mirko Viroli, Ferruccio Damiani A Calculus of Self-stabilising Computational Fields Coordination Models and Languages, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 8459, 2014

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