Autonomous Weapons Systems – Law, Ethics, Policy

European University Institute in Florence, Italy, 24/04/2014 – 25/04/2014.


The Autonomous Weapons Systems – Law, Ethics, Policy Project is a research project coordinated by Professor Nehal Bhuta, AEL Co-Director and co-financed by the Fritz Thyssen Foundation. Project partners are: Professor Susanne Beck (University of Hannover), Professor Claus Kress (University of Cologne), Professor Robin Geiss (University of Glasgow) and Dr. Hin Yan Liu (EUI).

The project’s main objective is to address the profound and complex challenges presented by automated weapons systems (AWS).

A conference, to be held at the EUI on 24-25 April 2014, will bring together a group of experts to inaugurate this important research agenda.

Articles & Issues  

Giovanni Sartor, Andrea Omicini
The Autonomy of Automated Systems
Autonomous Weapons Systems – Law, Ethics, Policy, April 2014



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