Architectures, Languages and Paradigms for IoT

Turin, Italy, 18/09/2017.


The Internet of Things is ushering a dramatic increase in number and variety of interconnected and smart objects. Communication capabilities and computational power are growingly embedded in everyday devices including personal smart devices, public displays, cars, drones and electronic tags. This state of the things opens an unprecedented range of research opportunities. Inherent distribution, mobility, situatedness, and heterogeneity of such devices calls for proper scientific understanding of the foundations of such systems as well as for novel software methods. The workshop aims at critically reviewing the state-of-the-art and the state-of-the-practice of formal techniques and software methods for the IoT. The presentation of open problems and challenges will trigger discussion between the participants with different views and backgrounds with the ultimate goal of identifying a common research agenda. This workshop solicits original contributions on architectures, languages, paradigms, and techniques with potential practical and theoretical impact on software systems targeting the IoT.

Articles & Issues  

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Stefano Mariani Coordination of Complex Socio-technical Systems: Challenges and Opportunities Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 11176, 2018


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