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Enrico Denti's Journal & Series Index

The following page indexes Enrico Denti's publications in the APICe space by journal & series. Currently, the APICe space contains 71 Enrico Denti's publications on 33 journals and series.

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A [top]
ACM International Conference Proceeding An experimental environment for teaching Java Security
AI*IA Notizie Coordination of Heterogeneous Multi-Agent Systems: Programming the Interaction
Enlightened Agents in TuCSoN
ALP Newsletter tuProlog: Making Prolog Ubiquitous
Building Smart Spaces on the Home Manager platform
Applied Artificial Intelligence: An International Journal Coordination Tools for MAS Development and Deployment
Applied Logic Series Logic Tuple Spaces for the Coordination of Heterogeneous Agents
Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems LuCe: A Tuple-based Coordination Infrastructure for Prolog and Java Agents
B [top]
Big Data and Cognitive Computing LPaaS as Micro-intelligence: Enhancing IoT with Symbolic Reasoning
C [top]
CEUR Workshop Proceedings From the Blockchain to Logic Programming and Back: Research Perspectives
Designing a Development Environment for Logic and Multi-Paradigm Programming
2P-Kt: logic programming with objects & functions in Kotlin
Labelled Variables in Logic Programming: Foundations
Labelled Variables in Logic Programming: A First Prototype in tuProlog
Towards Logic Programming as a Service: Experiments in tuProlog
BaSi: Multi-Agent Based Simulation for Medieval Battles
OWL-S for Describing Artifacts
Logic Programming in Space-Time: The Case of Situatedness in LPaaS
Towards a Logic Language and Framework for Web Programming
CNR Technical Report Verso un Ambiente di Sviluppo per Sistemi in Tempo Reale
Communications in Computer and Information Science HomeManager: Testing Agent-Oriented Software Engineering in Home Intelligence
Consorzio Nettuno Calcolatori Elettronici III: una introduzione alla programmazione orientata agli oggetti
D [top]
Decisions in Economis and Finance An Algorithm for Winning Coalitions in Indirect Control of Corporations
E [top]
Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science Designing a BPEL Orchestration Engine based on ReSpecT Tuple Centres
Formal ReSpecT
F [top]
Fundamenta Informaticae Extending Logic Programming with Labelled Variables: Model and Semantics
I [top]
Information Logic-based Technologies for Intelligent Systems: State of the Art and Perspectives
Intelligenza Artificiale Towards a logic framework for Web programming
International Journal of Agent-Oriented Software Engineering Agent-based Conference Management: A Case Study in SODA
International Journal of Cooperative Information Systems Virtual Enterprises and Workflow Management as Agent Coordination Issues
International Journal of Grid and Utility Computing Logic Programming as a Service in Multi-Agent Systems for the Internet of Things
L [top]
LIA Series Expressive Power of the ACLT Reaction Specification Language
Implementing the ACLT Coordination Model
Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence Agent Coordination and Control through Logic Theories
Designing Multi-Agent Systems around an Extensible Communication Abstraction
Techniques for Implementing Contexts in Logic Programming
Integrating and Orchestrating Services upon an Agent Coordination Infrastructure
Lecture Notes in Computer Science An Extensible Framework for the Development of Coordinated Applications
Activity Theory as a Framework for MAS Coordination
Privacy Through Anonymisation in Large-scale Socio-technical Systems: Multi-lingual Contact Centres across the EU
Engineering Micro-intelligence at the Edge of CPCS: Design Guidelines
The Butlers Framework for Socio-Technical Smart Spaces
The LuCe Coordination Technology for MAS Design and Development on the Internet
Computational Institutions for Modelling Norm-Regulated MAS: An Approach Based on Coordination Artifacts
Objective vs. Subjective Coordination in Agent-based Systems: A Case Study
Programmable Coordination Media
Zooming Multi-Agent Systems
MAS Meta-models on Test: UML vs. OPM in the SODA Case Study
RBAC-MAS & SODA: Experimenting RBAC in AOSE
SODA: A Roadmap to Artefacts
From AO Methodologies to MAS Infrastructures: The SODA Case Study
Agent Coordination Infrastructures for Virtual Enterprises and Workflow Management
tuProlog: A Light-weight Prolog for Internet Applications and Infrastructures
M [top]
MC Microcomputer Grafica in Turbo Pascal
Multiagent and Grid Systems A Platform for Developing SOA/WS Applications as Open and Heterogeneous Multi-agent Systems
P [top]
Progetto Leonardo Fondamenti di Informatica A (Parte I)
Fondamenti di Informatica A (Parte II)
Introduzione alla Programmazione a oggetti in Java
Introduzione alla Programmazione a oggetti in Java
Introduzione alla Programmazione a oggetti in Java
S [top]
Science of Computer Programming Engineering a BPEL Orchestration Engine as a Multi-agent System
From Tuple Spaces to Tuple Centres
Multi-paradigm Java-Prolog Integration in tuProlog
Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies Context Reasoning and Prediction in Smart Environments: the Home Manager case
Software — Practice & Experience An Architecture for Tuple-based Coordination of Multi-Agent Systems
SpringerPlus Novel pervasive scenarios for home management: the Butlers architecture
Studies in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Robot Control Systems as Contextual Logic Programs
T [top]
Theory and Decision Relevance of Winning Coalitions in Indirect Control of Corporations
Theory and Practice of Logic Programming Logic Programming as a Service
W [top]
World Journal of Computer Application and Technology Valuing the User Experience in Human-Computer Interaction: the Respected User Manifesto