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Enrico Denti's Journal & Series Index

The following page indexes Enrico Denti's publications in the APICe space by journal & series. Currently, the APICe space contains 69 Enrico Denti's publications on 33 journals and series.

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A [top]
ACM International Conference Proceeding Java Sec Pppj08
AI*IA Notizie Ed Phd Thesis Abstract | Tucson Aiia2001
ALP Newsletter 2PAlpnews2013 | 2p Alp News2016
Applied Artificial Intelligence: An International Journal Tools Aai16
Applied Logic Series Aclt Frocos1996
Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems Luce Jaamas4
B [top]
Big Data and Cognitive Computing Lpaas Bdcc2
C [top]
CEUR Workshop Proceedings Blockchainlp Woa2018 | Eclipse2p Ceur436 | Label2p Cilc016 | Labelled2p Dcaiia2015 | Lpaas Woa2016 | Mabs Woa2011 | Owls Eumas06 | Spacetimelp Woa2018 | Weblp Ceur487
CNR Technical Report DNOReal Time Survey93
Communications in Computer and Information Science Aose Ccis67
Consorzio Nettuno Cal Elet III
D [top]
Decisions in Economis and Finance PD2001algorithm
E [top]
Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science CDRVEntcs2006 | Respect Entcs48
F [top]
Fundamenta Informaticae Labelledlp Fundamentainformatica161
I [top]
Information Logictech Information11
Intelligenza Artificiale Weblp Ia5
International Journal of Agent-Oriented Software Engineering Soda Ijaose4
International Journal of Cooperative Information Systems Tucson Ijcis11
International Journal of Grid and Utility Computing Lpaas Ijguc10
L [top]
LIA Series Aclt Techrep97 | DNO1997Aclt Impl
Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence Aclt Aiia95 | Aclt Lnai1760 | Ctx Elp III | Drr Esaw2003
Lecture Notes in Computer Science Aclt Coord1996 | At Esaw III | Bison Insci2016 | Edgeintelligenceguidelines Idcs2019 | Home Manager Insci16 | Luce Coord00 | Norms Coin I | Objsubj Coord02 | Respect Coord97 | Soda Aose VI | Soda Ceemas05 | Soda Esaw IX | Soda Esaw VI | Soda Esaw VIII | Tucson Cia V | Tuprolog Padl01
M [top]
MC Microcomputer ED1988Mc Msx
Multiagent and Grid Systems Cartagows Mags6
P [top]
Progetto Leonardo ED1999did Fond A1 | ED2000did Fond A2 | ED2000did Intro OOP | ED2003OOPIntro | EDdid2000oop
S [top]
Science of Computer Programming Orchestration Scp66 | Respect Scp41 | Tuprolog Scp57
Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies DCKES2017
Software — Practice & Experience Luce Spe99
SpringerPlus EDNovel Scenarios2014
Studies in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lprobot Scsai95
T [top]
Theory and Decision DP2003
Theory and Practice of Logic Programming Lpaas Tplp18
W [top]
World Journal of Computer Application and Technology EDUser Interaction Manifesto