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7 papers in proceedings  /  2015  /  Danilo Pianini

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Mirko Viroli, Jacob Beal, Ferruccio Damiani, Danilo Pianini
Efficient Engineering of Complex Self-Organising Systems by Self-Stabilising Fields
Proceedings of the IEEE Conference on Self-Adaptive and Self-Organising Systems 2015 (SASO 2015), 2015
Danilo Pianini, Mirko Viroli, Jacob Beal
Protelis: Practical Aggregate Programming
SAC 2015, 2015
Mirko Viroli, Danilo Pianini, Alessandro Ricci, Pietro Brunetti, Angelo Croatti
Multi-agent Systems Meet Aggregate Programming: Towards a Notion of Aggregate Plan
PRIMA 2015. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 9387, 2015
Ferruccio Damiani, Mirko Viroli, Danilo Pianini, Jacob Beal
Code Mobility Meets Self-organisation: A Higher-Order Calculus of Computational Fields
FORTE 2015. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 9039, 2015
Sara Montagna, Andrea Omicini, Danilo Pianini
A Gillespie-based Computational Model for Integrating Event-driven and Multi-Agent Based Simulation
AAMAS 2015, 4-8 May 2015
Danilo Pianini, Angelo Croatti, Alessandro Ricci, Mirko Viroli
Computational Fields Meet Augmented Reality: Perspectives and Challenges
2015 IEEE International Conference on Self-Adaptive and Self-Organizing Systems Workshops, September 2015
Sara Montagna, Andrea Omicini, Danilo Pianini
Extending the Gillespie's Stochastic Simulation Algorithm for Integrating Discrete-Event and Multi-Agent Based Simulation
MABS 2015, May 2015
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