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Publications by Danilo Pianini (2011)

Danilo Pianini, Mirko Viroli, Sara Montagna
A Simulation Framework for Pervasive Services Ecosystems
WOA 2011 - XII Workshop Nazionale “Dagli Oggetti agli Agenti”, CEUR Workshop Proceedings 741, 4-6 July 2011

Danilo Pianini, Sara Montagna, Mirko Viroli
A Chemical Inspired Simulation Framework for Pervasive Services Ecosystems
Proceedings of the Federated Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems (FedCSIS 2011), 18-21 September 2011

Sara Montagna, Mirko Viroli, Matteo Risoldi, Danilo Pianini, Giovanna Di Marzo Serugendo
Self-organising Pervasive Ecosystems: A Crowd Evacuation Example
Proceedings of the 3rd International Workshop on Software Engineering for Resilient Systems, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 6968, 29-30 September 2011


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