Call for papers

Call for papers

Aim of this workshop

This workshop will focus on the research and standardisation topics related to the activity of the IEEE FIPA DPDF working group. They will include process modelling, process documentation, theoretical and practical aspects of design process definition, the different use of fragments, and the definition of concepts and techniques related to them. Although the workshop is tightly related to the FIPA context, the scope is not limited to agent-oriented approaches but other points of view are of great interest to this event.
 A non-restrictive list of topics of interest includes:

  • Situational Method Engineering (SME) 
  • Agent Oriented Software Engineering (AOSE)
  • Standards for the description of design processes and process/method fragments
  • Models, Metamodels and Notations for design processes/fragments
  • Techniques for process fragmentation
  • Techniques for fragments selection
  • Techniques for fragments composition
  • Best practices for defining/documenting fragments and processes
  • Theories and practical experiences in the field

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