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  &-Prolog1    .NET1    2APL1    2p-Kt2    3APL2    A&A10    abductive logic programming1    abduttive agents1    abduttive reasoning1    abstract tuples1    activity theory2    Actor-D1    actors3    adaptive systems1    ADELFE1    adjustable autonomy1    agens faber1    agent augmented community1    agent behaviour1    agent body1    agent communication languages2    agent coordination contexts1    agent programming3    agent workspaces2    agent-based modelling and simulation12    agent-oriented computing1    agent-oriented programming4    agent-oriented software engineering7    agents4    AgentSpeak1    AgentSpeak(L)1    agile software development1    Aglets2    AI2Go1    air traffic control1    Ajax2    Akka3    ALBA1    Alchemist2    ALIAS1    allopoiesis1    Alzheimer1    Amazon S31    Amazon Web Services2    AmbientTalk1    AMPQ1    AMUSE1    AND-parallelism1    Andorra1    Android5    Angular1    anomaly detection1    Ansible1    ant clustering1    ant foraging1    AOSE methodologies3    Apache Bookkeper1    Apache Cassandra1    Apache Commons Mathematics Library1    Apache Flink2    Apache HttpClient1    Apache Kafka1    Apache Nutch1    Apache Pulsar1    Apache Zookeeper1    ARGoS simulator1    artefact manuals1    artefacts5    artificial intelligence4    artificial vision1    as a service1    ASP.NET1    ASTRA1    asynchronous communication1    asynchronous programming1    augmented reality2    AUML1    Aurora1    authentication1    authentication protocols1    automated guided vehicles1    automatic systems1    AutoML4    autonomic computing4    autonomous cars1    autonomous driving1    autonomous flight1    autonomous robots1    autonomous systems6    autonomous vehicles3    autonomy6    autopoiesis1    availability1    Axios1    backend as a service1    basketball1    bathhouses2    Battleship1    BDI17    beach volley1    Berkeley algorithm1    bio-inspired design patterns2    biological systems1    BitTorrent1    blockchain8    board games3    bookies1    Bootstrap1    BPEL1    BPMN1    bubble rap1    business rule management systems1    byzantine fault tolerance4    byzantine generals problem1    C#1    CAP theorem4    car-to-car gossiping1    card games2    Cards Against Humanity1    CArtAgO15    case-based planning1    cellular automata1    Ceph1    Chandy-Lamport algorithm1    chat2    CI/CD1    clause database1    cloud computing6    cloud storage1    CloudStack1    clustering1    Co-fields2    collision avoidance4    collision prediction1    computation tree logic1    computational biology1    computational logics1    concurrent languages1    container orchestration1    containerisation1    context awareness1    conversational systems1    cooperation2    coordination12    coordination as a service1    coordination middleware2    coordination-aware elasticity1    coordination-based simulation1    Corda1    crawler4j1    crowd evacuation1    crowd modelling1    cryptography1    CSCW1    CSS1    cyber-physical and cloud systems1    cyber-physical systems1    cybersecurity1    Cypress1    D1    data streams3    database replication1    decentralised storage1    decision support systems1    deep reinforcement learning1    delegation1    DevOps2    digital democracy1    digital pheromones3    digital twins1    dispersion games1    distance sensors1    distributed adaptive controller1    distributed consensus9    distributed data mining1    distributed data processing1    distributed databases3    distributed file sharing1    distributed information retrieval1    distributed key-value stores3    distributed ledger technology1    distributed messaging1    distributed robot systems1    distributed state1    distributed streaming1    distributed system monitoring1    distributed systems5    distributed systems inspection1    Docker21    Docker Swarm4    domain name system1    domain specific languages1    domotic agents1    Dreamer1    drones2    DVCS1    DVCS Git1    dynamic georeferencing1    DyNE1    e-democracy1    e-democracy platforms1    e-health3    e-learning1    Eclipse1    edge computing2    edge intelligence1    EDITH1    educational psychology1    elasticity2    election algorithms1    end-to-end testing1    environment modelling1    epidemic-spread simulation1    epistemic action1    etcd1    Ethereum2    event notification1    event tracker1    evolutionary algorithms1    evolutionary computing1    evolutionary multi-agent systems2    exception handling1    Express1    fantasy football1    fault tolerance4    FIPA1    FIPA ACL2    FIPA protocols1    fire detection1    flocking systems1    fog computing1    foraging1    function as a service1    Gaia2    game engines4    games11    Gamma1    genetic algorithms1    genetic operators1    geo-location1    geofencing1    Git2    GitBucket1    Gitea1    GitFlow1    GitHub1    GitLab3    GitPrep1    Go1    gossip pattern1    GPS1    gradient pattern1    Gradle12    graph DB1    graphic interfaces2    Graphivz1    grid computing2    group buy1    gRPC3    Gson7    health care5    HERE Development1    Hermit2    hierarchical planning1    holonic MAS1    home automation2    HoneyBadger BFT1    hovering information1    HTML1    HTTP1    HTTP challenge1    human walk1    hybrid agents1    hybrid-quorum replication2    HyperLedger Fabric2    IFTS3    in-memory database1    Industry 4.02    information extraction3    information harvesting2    infrastructure free1    Inspector tool1    intelligent agents4    intelligent beings1    intelligent systems3    intelligent transportation systems1    IntelliJ IDEA1    inter-organisational workflow1    Internet of Things3    inversion of control1    IVRE1    J2EE1    JaCa1    JaCaMo6    JADE30    Jade-LEAP2    Jadex1    Jasa agents1    Jason35    Java9    Java agents2    Javalin1    JavaLog1    JavaScript7    Jenkins1    JFact2    jQuery6    JRDF1    JSON3    JUnit2    Kallithea1    Kea2    Klaim1    knowledge extraction1    Kotlin3    Kryonet1    Kubectl1    Kubernetes5    labelled transition systems1    Lagom1    LAILA1    learning management systems1    learning process1    ledgers1    LEGO Mindstorms1    Let’s Encrypt1    LIDAR1    life simulator1    lifted relational neural networks1    Linda14    linear temporal logic1    LiquidFeedback1    load balancing4    logic agents2    logic tuples1    logic-based technologies3    logical clocks1    Lotka-Volterra equation1    LPaaS5    LPaas client1    LPaas-REST2    machine ethics1    machine learning7    MAgentA1    managed service provider2    MAPE1    Marmotta2    MARS1    MAS autonomy1    MAS coordination2    MAS elasticity1    MAS middleware1    MAS verification1    MaSE1    massive data1    Materialize6    Maven2    MediatR1    medieval battles2    meeting-scheduling1    MeshNet1    message passing2    message-oriented middleware1    meta-interpretation1    methodology evaluation1    microservices7    Microsoft SQL Server1    middleware5    Mini-ME1    MIP-nets1    mobile ad-hoc networks1    mobile agents2    mobile backend as a service1    mobile devices2    mobile musical agents1    mobility models1    Mocha1    Mockito1    model checking1    modelling and simulation1    Moise1    MoK10    MoK atoms1    MoK matching function1    MoK middleware2    MoK reactions1    MoK storage1    MoK users1    Mok-News1    Moleculer1    MongoDB8    Mosquitto1    motion1    MQTT3    MRS1    multi-agent based simulation15    multi-agent routing1    multi-agent systems61    multiplayer games1    musical acts1    musical agent architecture1    musical agents1    MySQL1    natural language processing3    nature-inspired computing1    nature-inspired coordination1    nature-inspired models1    negotiation1    Neo4j1    NetLogo7    Netty1    network management2    network time protocol1    neural networks3    Node.js4    Nomi cose città6    non-relational databases2    npm2    object-oriented programming1    objective coordination1    obstacle avoidance1    Octopus1    ontologies4    OpenNLP2    OpenStack2    operation manual1    opportunistic network1    OPTYap1    OR-parallelism1    organ transplantation1    OrientDB1    paradigm shift1    parallel algorithms1    particle systems1    path planning1    Paxos protocols2    Payara1    PDDL1    Pellet3    PEPA1    perception1    persistency1    persistent storage1    pervasive communication1    pervasive ecosystems1    pervasive service ecosystems1    pervasive systems3    Petri nets1    PFA1    Phabricator1    PHP1    physical clocks1    planning2    PlantUML1    PMML1    Poker3    PostgresSQL1    Postman1    practical Byzantine fault tolerance1    practical reasoning1    PRACTIONIST1    prey-predator2    process algebras3    process management1    profiling1    programming paradigms1    Prolog3    Prometheus2    proof of stake1    proof of work1    Protobuf1    protocol buffers1    PRS1    publish/subscribe4    Python4    Q-learning1    Qu-Prolog1    quadcopters1    Quidditch1    quorum-based protocols1    R1    RabbitMQ9    Raft4    Raspberry Pi4    RDF1    React Native1    React.js1    reactive agents1    real time1    real-time physical activity1    real-time strategy games2    recommendation systems1    recommender systems1    Redis3    Redux1    refactoring1    reflection1    remote management2    Reo1    RePAST1    replica-based protocols1    replication1    resource-constrained devices1    resource-oriented architecture3    ReSpecT11    REST7    RESTful web services3    RethinkDB1    reverse geocoding1    reverse proxy1    Risk1    RoboCup3    robot controller1    robot coordination1    robot navigation1    Robot Operating System1    robot programming3    robot simulation1    robot systems3    Robot Wars1    RSS2    SAP1    SAPERE2    SARL1    Scala2    scalability1    scheduling1    SeaweedFS1    secure MAS1    security1    self-assembling robots1    self-organisation1    self-organisation patterns2    self-organising architectures1    self-organising coordination2    self-organising knowledge1    self-organising MAS1    self-organising systems11    semantic coordination1    semantic matchmaking1    semantic web1    serverless architecture1    service-oriented architecture3    sharding1    SignalR1    Simbad1    simpA1    simulation1    SLD resolution1    smart contracts3    smart environments1    smart grids1    smart home5    smart mobility1    SOAP1    SOAR1    soccer1    social autonomy1    social networks1    SOCIALNETS1    socio-technical systems3    SockJS7    SODA6    software architecture2    software engineering2    software testing1    software-defined storage1    sonar sensors1    SOS1    SPADE1    spatial computing2    Spatial Tuples2    SPEM1    SpiderMonkey1    Spring Boot1    standards1    state machine replication3    stigmergy4    StoKlaim1    STOMP1    STOMP WebSocket1    StorJ1    stream processing1    STRIPS1    strong consistency1    supervised learning1    surveillance systems1    survey1    Swagger2    Swagger Codegen1    swarm bots2    swarm intelligence5    swarm robotics1    Swing1    symbolic knowledge extraction1    symbolic knowledge injection1    synchronisation1    systematic literature review14    systems biology2    Talisman1    Tendermint1    Terrier3    text mining2    ThOr1    TicTacToe1    Tile381    TOTA2    trading systems1    Traefik1    traffic management systems1    transport systems2    traveling salesman problem1    Travis1    Tropos2    Truff1    trustworthy AI1    TuCSoN34    TuCSoN on Cloud1    TuCSoN4Jade1    TuCSoN4Jason1    TuleapL1    tuple centres3    tuple spaces5    tuple-based coordination4    tuProlog4    TuSoW8    TypeScript2    Unity3D6    urban traffic management and control2    Vagrant1    vehicle localisation1    vehicle mileage tracking1    vehicle routing problem1    veicolar cloud1    Vert.X11    videogames2    virus spread1    voting systems1    Vue1    WADE1    wearable devices1    Web 2.01    Web 3.01    web API1    web app1    web auctions1    web crawling1    web services6    WebSocket3    WiFi Direct3    wireless sensor networks1    WireWorld1    workflow3    workflow description language1    workflow management systems3    WSDM1    XML2    XTend1    XText1    YapOr1    YAWL1    Yoroi1    Zyzzyva1  

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