Smart kitchen: MAS application for home computing

Smart kitchen: MAS application for home computing

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The aim of the project is to create an application that can make easier the organization of the main activities witch are carried out daily in a kitchen.

In particular, the multi-agent system, it will be able to offer user several recipes that can be made with ingredients and tools already available at home. To do this, we have to:

  • Define an ontology to describe the recipes and ingredients so you can search online or even in different languages or different naming
  • Be aware about the food and the tools available to the user, and decide whether a recipe can be made or not in the available time
  • Be able to understand the tastes of the user according to him choices about the past suggested recipes

The system will be placed on mobile devices, allowing a more user friendly use of the service, and on devices within the home, such as smart fridge and cupboards.



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2nd Cycle

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Andrea Omicini

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Elena Nardini


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Alma Mater Studiorum-Università di Bologna

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Ingegneria CE (0031)

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8200 Ingegneria informatica 

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