Project Proposals

Project Proposals

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There are several possible projects on disparate topics, categorised below. Roughly, each first-level dot corresponds to a project.
A list of proposal can be found also here.

Agent programming and dialogue

Labelled Variables in Logic Programming (LVLP)



  • Extend 2P-Kt to support LVLP

Dialogical Argumentation

  • SLR on dialogical argumentation protocols
    • theoretical background
    • main approaches (+ similarities and differences)
    • main technologies (+ comparisons)
  • Design, and prototype an argumentation protocol of choice in Jason

Parallel LP

  • SLR / Bibliographic review on the state of the art
    • Experiments in 2P-Kt and fork-join pools

Constraint Logic Programming


  • SLR / Bibliographic review on the state of the art
    • Experiments in 2P-Kt + external Constraint Programming solver

Object orientation and LP


  • SLR / Bibliographic review on the state of the art
  • Extensions / refinements / formalization of 2p-kt’s OOP-Lib
  • Libraries for 2P-Kt
    • lists, sets, DCG, etc (1 project each) + testing + documentation

Agent Reasoning

Answer Set Programming

  • Design and implement a grounder for logic theories (in 2P-Kt)
  • Design and implement an ASP solver (may require a grounder) (in 2P-Kt)


  • Design and implement an abductive solver based on Kowalski IFF procedure

Neural Network

  • Design and implement a LRNN (Lifted Relational Neural Network) module for 2P-Kt

MAS programming and simulation

Making programming frameworks simulable

Make AgentSpeak(L) systems simulable through discrete event simulators:

  • Make Jason-based systems simulable over Alchemist

Designing a simulable framework for agent programming

  • Design and prototyping a simulable framework for behavioural (JADE-like) agent programming as a Kotlin DSL
  • Design and prototyping of an AgentSpeak(L) implementation as a Kotlin DSL, in TuSoW

Sub-Symbolic AI




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2nd cycle

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— professor

Andrea Omicini

— other professors

Roberta Calegari

— tutors

Giovanni Ciatto


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Alma Mater Studiorum-Università di Bologna

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— 2nd cycle

9063 Artificial Intelligence 


AMS page  |  course on Virtuale  |  virtual room  |  course timetable


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related courses

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Multi-Agent Systems (Module 1) (2nd Cycle, 2020/2021) — Andrea Omicini  |  Multi-Agent Systems (Module 2) (2nd Cycle, 2020/2021) — Roberta Calegari

— related

Project Work in Multi-Agent Systems (2nd Cycle, 2020/2021) — Andrea Omicini

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