tag : JADE

tag : JADE

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wrench Fantasy War Game
wrench Load Balancer in JADE
wrench SchoolTimetable: A hybrid CP and MAS case study
wrench Autonomia in Castelfranchi: esempi in JADE e Jason
wrench Flag Wars
wrench Zombie Outbreak
wrench Bombero
wrench Virus X
wrench Distributed, Fault-tolerant Web Crawling with RasPi
wrench Game Engines and Multi-agent Systems: A Marriage?
wrench TradeMAS – Trade Multiagent System
wrench Sistema DNS geograficamente distribuito: studio delle problematiche di apertura del sistema, reperibilità, disponibilità e coerenza dati attraverso il middleware JADE
wrench Algoritmi evolutivi paralleli sviluppati con JADE
wrench Traffic MAnagement Multi-Agent system
wrench ASTRA Agent Programming Language and comparison with JADE
wrench Implementazione dell’algoritmo di consenso Raft su middleware JADE
wrench AMW – Agents Managed Warehouse
wrench SAF: Scala Agent Framework
wrench TuCSoN4JADE
wrench Bio-inspired Design Patterns in MAS
wrench Sistema di gestione slot machine
wrench Digital Pheromones in Distributed Systems
wrench Indicizzazione di siti Web in JADE
wrench Jade Home Automation
wrench Condivisione di servizi con JADE
wrench Automated Agent-Oriented Real-Time Skidding Controller
wrench Performing tasks on the cloud
wrench Hovering Information using JADE on Android
wrench Self-Organisation and Adaptation within MAS: the crowd evacuation example in Jade and TuCSoN
wrench Smart Buses: Agent Aided Management
wrench Agent-based Learning Environment
wrench Sviluppo di un MAS con tecnologia JADE su dispositivi mobili con Android OS
wrench Digital Pheromones in Multiagent Systems
wrench Architettura multi-agente per la risoluzione di problemi di meeting-scheduling
wrench Approcci multi-agente al controllo del traffico aereo
wrench Agenti mobili per il network management

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