Sistemi Multi-Agente LS 2008/2009

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  • Introduction to the Course
  • The Evolution of Computational Systems: Foundations of Agent Oriented Computing
  • Sources of Scientific Literature for Multiagent Systems
  • Agents and Artifacts: Multi-disciplinary Foundations
  • Agents and Artifacts: The A&A Meta-model for Multiagent Systems
  • Programming Languages for Multiagent Systems
  • Tuple-based Coordination: From Linda to A&A ReSpecT
  • The SODA AOSE Methodology — Ambra Molesini
  • Agents as Intentional Systems — Michele Piunti
  • Programming Intentional Agents in AgentSpeak(L) and Jason — Michele Piunti
  • Agents in tuProlog — Giulio Piancastelli
  • Coordination in Multi-agent Systems — Elena Nardini
  • Self-Organisation & MAS: An Introduction — Luca Gardelli
  • Simulation & MAS: An Introduction — Sara Montagna


  • Technologies for Programming MAS with the A&A Meta-model: CArtAgO, simpA & Jason — Alessandro Ricci
    • Environment Programming in MAS with CArtAgO
    • simpA: An Agent-Oriented Approach for Prototyping Concurrent Applications on Top of Java
    • Programming Multi-Agent Systems in AgentSpeak Using Jason
    • Programmare agenti AgentSpeak con Jason
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