Sistemi multi-agente LM 2012/2013

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(0) Introduction to the Course
(1) Evolution of Computational Systems: The Paradigm Shift
(2) Evolution of Programming Languages: Away from Objects
(3) Evolution of Middleware: Towards Agents
(4) The Many Agents Around
(5) Sources of Scientific Literature for Multiagent Systems
(6) Science of Computers: Epistemological Premises
(7) Agents: Definitions & Conceptual Framework
(8) Agents as Intentional Systems
(9) Artifacts for Agents: Multidisciplinary Foundation
(10) Agents & Artifacts: Definitions & Conceptual Framework
(11) Programming Languages for Multiagent Systems
(12) Agent-Oriented Software Engineering
(13) The SODA Agent-Oriented Methodology
(14) Self-Organisation & MAS: An Introduction
(15) Framing Coordination: From Transdisciplinary Models to Infrastructures and Tools for MAS Engineering
(16) Simulation & Multi-Agent Systems: An Introduction — Sara Montagna
(17) Nature-inspired Coordination for Complex Distributed Systems

virtual lab


(L1) JADE: Java Agent DEvelopment Framework Overview
(L2) JADE: Getting Started
(L3) JADE: Java Agent DEvelopment Framework Basics
(L4) JADE: Java Agent DEvelopment Framework Advanced

— Jason

(L5) Programming Intentional Agents in AgentSpeak(L) & Jason

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