Sistemi distribuiti 2019/2020

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(C0)  Introduction to the Course
(C1)  Roots of Distributed Systems. Space, Time & Computation
(C2)  Computing in Time
(C3)  Computing in Space
(C4)  Sorts of Distributed Systems
(C5)  Middleware
(C6)  Modelling Distributed Systems: Software & System Architecture
(C7)  Modelling Distributed Systems: Process Algebra
(C8)  Goals, Issues, Features of Distributed Systems
(C9)  Computing without Space: Cloud Computing
(C10)  Standard Services for Distributed Systems: Web Services


(E1)  The CAP Theorem


(P1)  Agents & Multi-Agent Systems
(P2)  Coordination of Distributed Systems


(T0)  Technologies for Distributed Systems. A Conceptual Framework
(T1)  Linda over TuCSoN. Basics
(T2)  Simple Agents in TuCSoN &  Jade
(T3)  Blockchain & Smart Contracts


(L0)  Environment Setup Tutorial
(L1)  Gradle 101
(L2)  Asynchronous Programming 101
(L3)  Building LINDA from Scratch
(L4)  Building Agents from Scratch
(L5)  Building Agents from Scratch (part II)
(L6)  ReSTful Web Services
(L7)  ReSTful Web Services (part II)
(L8)  Process Algebrae Fundamentals

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