Sistemi distribuiti 2017/2018

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(C0) Introduction to the Course

conceptual foundations of distributed systems

(C1) Roots of Distributed Systems: Space, Time & Computation
(C2) Computing with Time
(C3) Computing with Space

basic elements of distributed systems

(C4) Goals & Issues of Distributed Systems
(C5) Sorts of Distributed Systems
(C6) Middleware
(C7) Software Architectures
(C8) Features of Distribution

paradigms for distributed systems

(P1)  Logic & Computation
(P2)  Agents & Multi-Agent Systems
(P3)  Coordination of Distributed Systems

technologies for distributed systems

(T1) Logic Programming in Prolog with tuProlog
(T2) Prolog examples: N-Queens and TicTacToe
(T3) Agents & Multi-Agent Systems with Jade
(T5) Tuple-based Coordination with TuCSoN
(T6) Tucson examples with Prolog and Jade agents
(T7) Programming Interaction with ReSpecT
(T8) Logic Programming as a Service (LPaaS)
(T9) Standard Services for Distributed Systems: Web Services
(T10) Computing without Space: Cloud Computing

slides / course pages
course series
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