Intelligent Systems Engineering 2022/2023

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(A0) About the Course

Intelligent Systems Engineering (Module 1) / slides

(C0) ChatGPT—Beyond the Turing Test
(M0) Drivers for Intelligent Systems
(C1) Autonomy in Biology
(M1) On Autonomy. Concepts & Definitions
(C2) Programming Intentional Agents in AgentSpeak(L) & Jason
(M2) Agents for Intelligent Systems Engineering
(M3) Artificial Intelligence. A Bird’s Eye View
(M4) Automated Reasoning
(M5) Reasoning Agents
(M6) Logic & Computation
(M7) Planning for Intelligent Agents
(S1) Sources of Scientific Literature for Intelligent & Autonomous Systems
(S2) Systematic Literature Review. A Methodology for Scientific Surveys
(M8) Self-Organising Systems
(M9) Nature-Inspired Coordination & Self-Organisation
(M10) Interacting with Autonomous Systems: Conversational Informatics
(M11) Simulation & Multi-Agent Systems: An Introduction
(S3) An Introduction to Natural Language ProcessingAndrea Agiollo

Intelligent Systems Engineering (Module 2) / slides
  • L6 — eXplainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) A Gentle Introduction
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