Research Activities about CArtAgO and Artifact Programming Model

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Research Activities about CArtAgO and Artifact Programming Model

Different kinds of research activities are ongoing concerning CArtAgO and A&A programming model:

  • Defining a formal model for artifacts and CArtAgO for MAS verification
  • Investigating models and ontologies for artifacts manual
  • Investigating the theory and practice of autonomous selection and use (including creation, composition) of artifacts by intelligent agents
  • CArtAgO and friends: integrating CArtAgO with main agent platforms enabling towards heterogeneous open MAS. 
  • Artifact catalogs: developing reusable special-purpose artifacts with specific functionalities:
    • Coordination
    • Organization
    • Integration with Web Service technologies (SOA context)
    • Integration with Virtual Machine technologies (Autonomic Computing context)
    • GUI
  • Extensions: extending the basic (programming) model with new features
    • testing and management interface (besides usage and link interfaces)
    • "artifacts as workspaces" - exploring hierarchical approaches in composing artifacts

If you are interested to know more about or directly participate to these activities, please send an email to Alessandro (

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