tuProlog Home reorganised

New XWiki 2.1 —> new tuProlog home look in APICe

Towards XWiki 2.0

After some extra work, re-writing new macros with the XWiki Macro Architecture, and revising the code, my Home Page has moved to XWiki 2.0. More to come!

tuProlog 4.0 has been released

tuProlog 4.0 has been released! The new version aims to provide a stable environment

  • new parser redesign and implementation based on ANTLR
  • new Java API for theories and term creations 
  • full support for the JSON serialization and de-serialization of terms
  • new development process splitting the code into four main modules: core, parser, presentation, ui
  • dockerization of the command line interface
  • completing the pending bugfixes, with special regards to some old annoying bugs

tuProlog 3.3.0 Released

tuProlog 3.3.0 has been released! This version provides a stable environment for the new eclipse plugin and the new android application.

Personal blog working again

Along with the most relevant blogs in APICe, my personal blog on APICe is working again.

tuProlog 2.9.2 Released

 The new release (v. 2.9.2) of tuProlog is available from via Bitbucket.

tuProlog 2.9.1 Released

 The new release (v. 2.9.1) of tuProlog is available from the download page.

TuCSoN Released

The new release (v. of TuCSoN is available from the download page.

TuCSoN4JADE Released


TuCSoN4JADE (T4J for short) v. 1.0 was released, and submitted to JADE developer as 3rd-party contribution.

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