UniBo in BISON

UniBo in BISON

The UNIBO-DISI research team will complement and support the technical WPs of the BISON project, by examining the legal, ethical and societal framework within which BISON may be developed and used. It will identify possible barriers which may affect the design and deployment of the system and provide indications on how to comply with the identified issues.

The objectives of the WP are:

  • To identify and analyse the legal requirements of speech data processing systems
  • To investigate the relevant legal framework at EU level and at the level of selected Member States
  • To determine the impact of legal, ethical and societal issues on the deployment of BISON during project life and in its future implementation on the real market
  • To examine how BISON should be designed and used so as to comply with the applicable legal framework
  • To draft guidelines and recommendations for BISON design and deployment.
  • To propose recommendations for the use of BISON in processing data from wider sources (e.g. the web)

UniBo Team in BISON

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