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author="Croatti, Angelo
and Ricci, Alessandro",
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title="From Virtual Worlds to Mirror Worlds: A Model and Platform for Building Agent-Based eXtended Realities",
booktitle="Multi-Agent Systems and Agreement Technologies",
publisher="Springer International Publishing",
abstract="Extended Reality (XR) refers to applications that blend the digital and the physical worlds in different ways: both by situating virtual worlds into physical environments by means of Augmented and Mixed Reality Technologies, and by exploiting smart things and devices in the physical environment connected to the Virtual World, in a pervasive computing perspective. Like in the case of Virtual Worlds and Intelligent Virtual Environments, XR applications are a relevant application domain for multi-agent systems and AI---for instance, for designing XR-based smart environments. The research question addressed by this paper is about the definition of a model for conceiving and designing agent-based XR applications, effective enough to capture essential aspects in spite of the specific implementing technologies. To this purpose, the paper describes a model based on the Mirror World conceptual framework and a concrete platform used to evaluate its strengths and weaknesses.",
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author="Croatti, Angelo and Ricci, Alessandro",
editor="Demazeau, Yves and Holvoet, Tom and Corchado, Juan M. and Costantini, Stefania",
title="The JaCa-Android Framework for Programming BDI-Based Personal Agents on Mobile Devices",
booktitle="Advances in Practical Applications of Agents, Multi-Agent Systems, and Trustworthiness. The PAAMS Collection",
publisher="Springer International Publishing",
abstract="Nowadays, smart mobile applications are a medium allowing more and more for developing (part of) complex software systems, featuring interactive behaviour and exhibiting different degrees of autonomy and flexibility. In agents and MAS literature, Personal Assistant Agents represent the area that mostly can benefit from the availability of frameworks allowing for easily developing native agent-based applications able to exploit features offered by smart mobile and wearable devices. This paper discusses the JaCa-Android framework, a version of JaCaMo redesigned to natively run over mobile devices equipped with Google Android operating system. Exposing native features to observe and perceive the real-time user context and act accordingly, the framework is oriented in particular to the development of smart mobile apps as BDI-based personal assistant agents offering a proper layer of abstraction for this specific purpose.",
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author="Croatti, Angelo and Bottazzi, Manuel and Ricci, Alessandro",
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title="Agent-Based Mixed Reality Environments in Healthcare: The Smart Shock Room Project",
booktitle="Advances in Practical Applications of Agents, Multi-Agent Systems, and Trustworthiness. The PAAMS Collection",
publisher="Springer International Publishing",
abstract="Nowadays, the impressive development of smart technologies allows for designing novel kind of Personal Digital Assistant Agents (PDAA) supporting healthcare professionals in their individual and cooperative activities. Such technologies can have a disruptive impact in supporting those pathologies where the enhancement of both physician and the environment could be useful to reduce patient care times and to offer to physician new ways to access information and to be assisted by smart agents. This demo aims to present the prototype of the Smart Shock Room project. The project's purpose is to design and develop an innovative environment where smart technologies (e.g. mobile and pervasive computing, Mixed Reality, Vocal Assistants) can revolutionise the management of critical time-dependent pathologies (i.e. traumas) within the hospital emergency department.",
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	abstract = {A relevant application domain for agent-based software is given by mobile and wearable applications. In this context, the impressive progress of technologies in the last decade makes it possible to explore the use of agent-oriented programming languages and frameworks based on cognitive architectures, such as the BDI (BeliefDesire-Intention) one. Accordingly, in this paper we provide a comprehensive description of the JaCa-Android
approach, a framework based on the JaCaMo platform that allows for designing and programming smart mobile apps using cognitive agents based on the BDI architecture and the Agents & Artifacts (A&A) environment conceptual model. In these years, the framework has been applied in real-world projects and application domains, and extended and evolved accordingly. The aim of the paper is to report our experience about designing and programming mobile apps as personal assistant agents, as well as to discuss in detail the architecture of the framework.},
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	author = {Ricci, Alessandro and Croatti, Angelo and Bordini, Rafael H. and Hubner, Jomi F. and Boissier, Olivier},
	title = {Exploiting Simulation for MAS Programming and Engineering - The JaCaMo-sim Platform},
	abstract = {Simulation can be an important conceptual and practical tool to support the engineering of multi-agent systems (MAS), in different ways. In this paper we consider the case in which simulation is applied and exploited directly upon a MAS developed using an existing agent/MAS programming platform. That is: without requiring to model and simulate agents and their environment using a different platform, e.g. an agent-based simulation one. In particular, we describe the design of JaCaMo-sim, an extension of the JaCaMo platform that makes it possible to both run and simulate the execution of MAS programs based on BDI agents written in Jason, situated in artifact-based environments developed in CArtAgO. The tool can be useful for different aspects that concern MAS engineering, from MAS testing/debugging at development time to agent decision making support at runtime.},
	venue_e = {Events.Emas2020}} 
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