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21 special issues  /  1992–2023  /  Andrea Omicini

special issues
Andrea Omicini, Stefano Mariani (eds.)
Special Issue  “Advances in Multi-Agent Systems”
Applied Sciences 13(5), 2023
Roberta Calegari, Giovanni Ciatto, Andrea Omicini, Giuseppe Vizzari (eds.)
Selected papers from the 22nd Workshop “From Objects to Agents'' (WOA 2021)
Intelligenza Artificiale 16(1), July 2022
Stefano Mariani, Andrea Omicini (eds.)
Special Issue “Multi-Agent Systems” 2019
Applied Sciences 10(15), 2020
Marin Lujak, Stefano Giordani, Andrea Omicini, Sascha Ossowski (eds.)
Scalable Distributed Decision-Making and Coordination in Large and Complex Systems: Methods, Techniques, and Models
Complexity 2019-2020, 2020
Vicent Botti, Andrea Omicini, Stefano Mariani, Vicente Julian (eds.)
Special Issue “Multi-Agent Systems”
Applied Sciences 9(5), 2019
Franco Zambonelli, Andrea Omicini, Paul Scerri (eds.)
Special Section on Coordination in Large-Scale Socio-Technical Systems
IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computing 4(1), January-March 2016
Maria Ganzha, Marcin Paprzycki, Andrea Omicini (eds.)
Special Issue on Software Agents
Computing Now 6(11), November 2013
Ana García-Fornes, Jomi F. Hübner, Andrea Omicini, Juan A. Rodríguez-Aguilar, Vicent Botti (eds.)
Special Issue “Infrastructures and Tools for Multiagent Systems”
Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence 24(7), October 2011
Danny Weyns, Andrea Omicini (eds.)
Special Issue “Engineering Environments in Multi-Agent Systems”
Multiagent and Grid Systems 5(1), 2009
Andrea Omicini, Anja Oskamp, Rossella Rubino, Giovanni Sartor (eds.)
Special Issue “Agents, Institutions and Legal Theory”
Artificial Intelligence and Law 16(1), March 2008
Andrea Omicini, Peter McBurney (eds.)
Special Issue on Foundations, Advanced Topics and Industrial Perspectives of Multi-agent Systems
Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems 17(3), December 2008
Paolo Petta, Andrea Omicini, Terry R. Payne, Peter McBurney (eds.)
Special Issue on the AgentLink III Technical Forums
ACM Transactions on Autonomous and Adaptive Systems 2(4), November 2007
Andrea Omicini, Paolo Petta, Matjaz Gams (eds.)
Special Issue “Hot Topics in European Agent Research II”
Informatica 30(1), January 2006
Andrea Omicini, Paolo Petta, Matjaz Gams (eds.)
Special Issue “Hot Topics in European Agent Research I”
Informatica 29(4), November 2005
Marco Cadoli, Michela Milano, Andrea Omicini (eds.)
Special Issue “Agenti e vincoli: modelli, tecnologie e metodi per dominare la complessità”
Intelligenza Artificiale II(1), March 2005
Andrea Omicini, Peter McBurney (eds.)
Special Issue “Revised Reports from Selected Technical Forum Groups at the 1st & 2nd AgentLink III Technical Forums”
Knowledge Engineering Review 20(2), June 2005
Mirko Viroli, Andrea Omicini (eds.)
Special Issue “Process Algebras and Multi-Agent Systems”
Applicable Algebra in Engineering, Communication and Computing 16(2-3), August 2005
Andrea Omicini, Sascha Ossowski (eds.)
Special Issue “Coordination and Collaboration Technologies”
International Journal of Cooperative Information Systems 13(1), March 2004
Andrea Omicini, Sascha Ossowski (eds.)
Special Issue "Coordination and Knowledge Engineering"
Knowledge Engineering Review 17(4), December 2002
Andrea Omicini, George A. Papadopoulos (eds.)
Special Issue “Coordination Models and Languages in AI”
Applied Artificial Intelligence 15(1), January 2001
Andrea Omicini, George A. Papadopoulos (eds.)
Special Issue “Coordination as a Paradigm for Systems Integration”
Journal of Systems Integration 10(2), April 2001
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