co-author : Michael I. Schumacher

co-author : Michael I. Schumacher

4 publications  /  Andrea Omicini

page_white_acrobat  Expectation: Personalized Explainable Artificial Intelligence for Decentralized Agents with Heterogeneous Knowledge (paper in proceedings, 2021)Davide Calvaresi, Giovanni Ciatto, Amro Najjar, Reyhan Aydoğan, Leon Van der Torre, Andrea Omicini, Michael I. Schumacher
page_white_acrobat  Agent-Based Explanations in AI: Towards an Abstract Framework (paper in proceedings, 2020)Giovanni Ciatto, Michael I. Schumacher, Andrea Omicini, Davide Calvaresi
page_white_acrobat  An Abstract Framework for Agent-Based Explanations in AI (paper in proceedings, 2020)Giovanni Ciatto, Davide Calvaresi, Michael I. Schumacher, Andrea Omicini
page_white_acrobat  Coordinating e-Health Systems with TuCSoN Semantic Tuple Centres (article in journal, 2011)Elena Nardini, Andrea Omicini, Mirko Viroli, Michael I. Schumacher

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