2015 / Andrea Omicini

Andrea Omicini, Franco Zambonelli
Coordination of Large-Scale Socio-Technical Systems: Challenges and Research Directions
WOA 2015 – From Objects to Agents, CEUR Workshop Proceedings 1382, 17-19 June 2015

Andrea Omicini, Stefano Mariani
Reconciling Event- and Agent-Based Paradigms in the Engineering of Complex Systems: The Role of Environment Abstractions
Agent Environments for Multi-Agent Systems IV, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 9068, November 2015

Stefano Mariani, Andrea Omicini, Luca Sangiorgi
Models of Autonomy and Coordination: Integrating Subjective & Objective Approaches in Agent Development Frameworks
Intelligent Distributed Computing VIII, Studies in Computational Intelligence 570, 2015

Stefano Mariani, Andrea Omicini
Coordinating Activities and Change: An Event-Driven Architecture for Situated MAS
Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence 41, May 2015

Qingliang Chen, Paolo Torroni, Serena Villata, Jane Hsu, Andrea Omicini
PRIMA 2015: Principles and Practice of Multi-Agent Systems, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 9387, Ottobre 2015

Sara Montagna, Andrea Omicini, Danilo Pianini
Extending the Gillespie's Stochastic Simulation Algorithm for Integrating Discrete-Event and Multi-Agent Based Simulation
13th International Workshop on Multi-Agent-Based Simulation (MABS 2015), May 2015

Andrea Omicini, Giancarlo Fortino, Stefano Mariani
Blending Event-Based and Multi-Agent Systems around Coordination Abstractions
Coordination Models and Languages, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 9037, 2-4 June 2015

Andrea Omicini
Event-Based vs. Multi-Agent Systems: Towards a Unified Conceptual Framework
2015 19th IEEE International Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work in Design (CSCWD2015), 6-8 May 2015

Franco Zambonelli, Andrea Omicini, Bernhard Anzengruber, Gabriella Castelli, Francesco L. DeAngelis, Giovanna Di Marzo Serugendo, Simon Dobson, Jose Luis Fernandez-Marquez, Alois Ferscha, Marco Mamei, Stefano Mariani, Ambra Molesini, Sara Montagna, Jussi Nieminen, Danilo Pianini, Matteo Risoldi, Alberto Rosi, Graeme Stevenson, Mirko Viroli, Juan Ye
Developing Pervasive Multi-Agent Systems with Nature-Inspired Coordination
Pervasive and Mobile Computing 17-B, February 2015

Sara Montagna, Andrea Omicini, Danilo Pianini
A Gillespie-based Computational Model for Integrating Event-driven and Multi-Agent Based Simulation
14th International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems (AAMAS 2015), 4-8 May 2015

Roberta Calegari, Enrico Denti, Andrea Omicini
Labelled Variables in Logic Programming: A First Prototype in tuProlog
Proceedings of the Doctoral Consortium of the 14th Symposium of the Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence (AI\*IA 2015 DC), CEUR Workshop Proceedings 1485, 23-24 September 2015

Stefano Mariani, Andrea Omicini
Anticipatory Coordination in Socio-technical Knowledge-intensive Environments: Behavioural Implicit Communication in MoK
AI*IA 2015, Advances in Artificial Intelligence, Lecture Notes in Computer Science 9336, 23-25 September 2015
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