Ambra Molesini's Journal & Series Index

The following page indexes Ambra Molesini's publications in the APICe space by journal & series. Currently, the APICe space contains 22 Ambra Molesini's publications on 11 journals and series.

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C [top]
CEUR Workshop Proceedings BaSi: Multi-Agent Based Simulation for Medieval Battles
OWL-S for Describing Artifacts
Documenting SODA: An Evaluation of the Process Documentation Template
Process Documentation Standardization: An Initial Evaluation
Communications in Computer and Information Science HomeManager: Testing Agent-Oriented Software Engineering in Home Intelligence
I [top]
International Journal of Agent-Oriented Software Engineering Agent-based Conference Management: A Case Study in SODA
International Journal of Software Engineering and Knowledge Engineering Adaptable Multi-Agent Systems: The Case of the Gaia Methodology
J [top]
Journal of Systems and Software Stability Assessment of Aspect-Oriented Software Architectures: A Quantitative Study
L [top]
Lecture Notes in Computer Science On the Interplay of Crosscutting and MAS-Specific Styles
Processes Engineering and AOSE
Engineering Pervasive Multiagent Systems in SAPERE
Zooming Multi-Agent Systems
MAS Meta-models on Test: UML vs. OPM in the SODA Case Study
RBAC-MAS & SODA: Experimenting RBAC in AOSE
SODA: A Roadmap to Artefacts
From AO Methodologies to MAS Infrastructures: The SODA Case Study
M [top]
Multiagent and Grid Systems Environment in Agent-Oriented Software Engineering Methodologies
P [top]
Pervasive and Mobile Computing Developing Pervasive Multi-Agent Systems with Nature-Inspired Coordination
Progetto Leonardo La costruzione dei sistemi software: dai modelli al codice
Costruire sistemi software: dai modelli al codice
S [top]
Science of Computer Programming Simulation in Agent-Oriented Software Engineering: The SODA Case Study
W [top]
World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology Towards Model-driven Communications

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