ALAW - 2nd International Workshop on Agents Living in Augmented Worlds

Workshop held at FAIM, the Federated Artificial Intelligence Meeting (joint IJCAI-ECAI/AAMAS/ICML conferences)

Stockholm, Sweden, July 14th 2018

Brief Description

The objective of the workshop is to be an interdisciplinary forum where to discuss agent-based "augmented worlds", from their conceptual and theoretical foundations, to their design and engineering, as well as their applications to specific domains. 

In particular, it aims at exploring:

  • the fruitful integration of intelligent agent/multi-agent -based models, theories and technologies within the context of augmented/mixed reality systems and augmented human systems;
  • the impact that these augmented worlds can have on making individual and collective human/agent actions more effective, on enhancing human/agent reasoning capability, imagination, learning, sociality, and so on. On how activities and processes can be (re-)shaped. On how the physical environment where these augmented worlds are instantiated can be (re-)shaped, accordingly;
  • agent-based augment worlds as a lab where to explore novel forms of human augmentation - besides reality augmentation - along different dimensions, such as cognition and sociality.

Topics of interest

The list of topics of interest for the workshop includes:

  • Models and theories of agency and MAS living in/shaping Augmented Worlds
  • Methodologies for designing agent systems living in/shaping Augmented Worlds
  • Methodologies for evaluating applications using MAS living in/shaping Augmented Worlds
  • Interaction, coordination, cooperation models inside Augmented worlds
  • Agent-based platforms and technologies for developing Augmented Worlds
  • Human augmentation by means of agents and multi-agent systems in Augmented Worlds
  • Real-world applications designed using agent-based Augmented Worlds
  • Future applications of Agent Oriented Programming to develop Mixed and Augmented Reality Applications based within Augmented Worlds. 
  • Specific areas of application for Augmented Worlds e.g Education, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Gaming, Simulations, ...

(see the Call for Papers for more details)




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