ALAW 2018

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2nd International Workshop on Agents Living in Augmented Worlds
Stockholm, Sweden, 14/07/2018

The objective of the workshop is to be an interdisciplinary forum where to discuss agent-based "augmented worlds", from their conceptual and theoretical foundations, to their design and engineering, as well as their applications to specific domains.
In particular, it aims at exploring (1) the fruitful integration of intelligent agent/multi-agent -based models, theories and technologies within the context of augmented/mixed reality systems and augmented human systems; (2) the impact that these augmented worlds can have on making individual and collective human/agent actions more effective, on enhancing human/agent reasoning capability, imagination, learning, sociality, and so on. On how activities and processes can be (re-)shaped. On how the physical environment where these augmented worlds are instantiated can be (re-)shaped, accordingly; (3) agent-based augment worlds as a lab where to explore novel forms of human augmentation - besides reality augmentation - along different dimensions, such as cognition and sociality.

topics of interest
  • Models and theories of agency and MAS living in/shaping Augmented Worlds
  • Methodologies for designing agent systems living in/shaping Augmented Worlds
  • Methodologies for evaluating applications using MAS living in/shaping Augmented Worlds
  • Interaction, coordination, cooperation models inside Augmented worlds
  • Agent-based platforms and technologies for developing Augmented Worlds
  • Human augmentation by means of agents and multi-agent systems in Augmented Worlds
  • Real-world applications designed using agent-based Augmented Worlds
  • Future applications of Agent Oriented Programming to develop Augmented Reality Applications based within Augmented Worlds.
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