Projects related to A&A:

  • CArtAgO, middleware for support artifact-based working environments in multi-agent systems
  • simpA. simpA is a Java-based agent-oriented framework for developing applications in terms of workspaces with agents and artifacts. simpA exploits CARTAGO for what artifacts.
  • simpAL, a language / platform based on A&A
  • simpA-WS, simpA-WS is a library which makes it possible to design and build service-oriented applications based on Web-Services using simpA / CARTAGO.
  • SODA, a methodology in the context of AOSE (Agent-Oriented Software Engineering), providing a support for analysis and design of MAS social and environment aspects
  • TuCSoN, a MAS coordination infrastructure providing tuple centres as a kind of general-purpose coordination artifacts, i.e. artifacts with coordination functionalities
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