Agents and Artifacts (A&A)

A&A (Agents and Artifacts) is a novel paradigm for modelling and engineering software systems, introducing agents, artifacts and workspaces as first-class abstractions.

Inside aliCE, A&A is investigated along different (related) perspectives: 

  • In the context of Agents and Multi-Agent Systems (MAS), as an enrichment of the basic agent paradigm with the introduction of the artifact abstraction, to model and engineer those parts of a MAS which act like agent working-environment, i.e. resources and tools which are constructed, shared and used by agents to support their activities, both individual and cooperative.
  • In the context of mainstream programming languages and software engineering, as a novel general-purspose paradigm to design and program software systems, in particular concurrent (and distributed) ones. 
  • In the context of Complex System Modelling and Simulations, as an enrichment of the basic agent-based model typically adopted in MASB (Multi-Agent based simulations)

Work in Progress!

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