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Mapping Delegate MAS model into the A&A framework 

Merilin Tedeschini

"Coordination and control applications" are a large family of MAS applications characterized (1) by a large scale in terms of number of agents and physical distribution, (2) by an intrinsically dynamic nature and (3) by complex requirements. In such scenarios, as the traditionally exploited BDI-approaches provide complex agents, recent years a new approach called Delegate MAS has been studied and proposed in order to overcome such complexity and provide more adaptive solutions by exploiting the environment as core abstraction. However, despite its guidelines, Delegate MAS is still quite a general model. In this thesis the possibility of translating Delegate MAS guidelines into a more concrete architecture is investigated by exploiting the Agent and Artifact (A&A) meta-model as a well-founded conceptual framework having in agents and artifacts the core abstractions for designing MASs. The prominent relevance given to the agent environment in the A&A framework (having artifacts as first class environmental abstraction), is one of the prime causes making this "experiment" a promising one.

Andrea Omicini (Supervisor)
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Tom Holvoet (Co-supervisors)