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Studying and engineering methodological aspects of Multi-agent Systems 

Antonio Cauzo

From one hand a decentralized AGV Transportation System is a system which uses Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) in a warehouse to transport loads from one location to another. In such a system, AGVs are controlled by autonomous agents which make their own decisions, rather than being controlled by a central server. On the other hand, Delegate MAS represent an innovative approach to BDI agents which alleviates agent complexity, using the environment and its resources to obtain BDI functionality. Can Delegate MAS approach to AGV quality requirements? To this end, Delegate MAS has to be applied to the AGV Transportation System. Several ways to do that are possible, but among them, taking into account the mapping of the Delegate MAS model into the A&A framework the Horizontal Integration way has been opted. In this thesis all the theoretical concepts related to this issues have been discussed.

Andrea Omicini (Supervisor)
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Tom Holvoet (Co-supervisors)