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Risk Analysis and Deployment Security Issues in a Multi-Agent System

Ambra Molesini
Multi-agent systems (MASs) are a powerful paradigm which enables very effective software engineering techniques, but at the same time easily lets the designer be oblivious of the emergent security problems. This can be a critical issue, especially when MASs are exploited as an infrastructure to provide secure services. This paper performs a security analysis of such a scenario, by identifying threats and assessing risks that could interfere with the achievement of the overall application's goal, that is access control, as a consequence of its MAS-based implementation. The process is exemplified with reference to a specific application domain, yet serves as a starting point for a broader goal: defining a general methodology for modelling the security problems surrounding the operation and application of MASs.
Presented by Ambra Molesini
2nd International Conference on Agents and Artificial Intelligence (ICAART 2010)

This talk discusses the paper “Risk Analysis and Deployment Security Issues in a Multi-Agent System”, presented at the ICAART 2010 international conference.